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I take alot of photos at night...

City / Urban

Neon signs. Subway lights. Street lamps. I love the dance of light found in the city at night. Come explore my favorite nighttime scenes.


There is something humbling about standing alone on a hilltop and staring up at the billions of stars overhead. Find peace in my landscape shots.


Framed by subdued hues and illuminated by red and amber lights. Everyone looks their best at night.


Liam McDonnell

Hello, I'm Liam and I love capturing the magic of night.

For all of human history, people have been in wonder of the darkness. We gathered around the campfire to tell our myths. We feared the mysteries of the dark. We illuminated our towns and cities to carve out a little piece of comfort in the all encompassing darkness. The dance of light with dark. Those shadow realms between night and day. That is where I try to find myself. Camera in hand. To capture the magic.

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